calendar 14/Sep 2017

World Energy Engineering Congress

We have been chosen to speak at the 2017 World Energy Congress in Atlanta, GA on Sept 27-29. For more information go to or Click Here

calendar 19/Jun 2017

Franklin Free Press

When driving through downtown Russellville, local residents probably do not stop to admire the small, brick building across the street from the police department and right next to the Chevron gas station, nor does he or she probably realize that the company housed there operates on an international

calendar 21/Apr 2017

2017 IETC

We will be doing a presentation at the 2017 Industrial Energy Technology Conference on June 20-22 in New Orleans, LA. For more information on this conference you can go to

calendar 20/Apr 2017


James Nipper, our Vice-President, was interviewed and was featured in the Compressed Air Best Practices in May 2017. For more information and to read the interview, you can go to or  Click Here

calendar 1/Oct 2016


We attended the 8th annual ALChE Southwest Process Technology Conference in Galveston, TX on October of 2016.